June 2021

There are signs that South Africa’s retail motor sector is starting to emerge from its Covid-19 induced slump. In May 2021 naamsa reported a 7.7% increase in new vehicle sales over April, suggesting ongoing recovery in the market.

The scans on LIVE – which indicate an ‘intention to sell’ – suggest momentum in the market has recovered to pre-Covid-19 levels.

Total Signio applications were also up, 30% higher in September 2020 compared to September 2019, and after a slow start in 2021, application volumes have continued to increase and were 40.85% higher in March than in the same month last year.

The data suggests cause for optimism although the months ahead remain trapped by uncertainty caused by Covid-19’s third wave and South Africa’s slow vaccination rollout.

New vehicle sales in May 2021 were 198% (38 344 units) up on May 2020, reported naamsa. May 2020 marked South Africa’s move from lockdown level 5 to 4, and dealers were able to begin trading again in the latter stages of the month. 

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South Africa’s retail motor sector is gathering momentum and activity is matching or exceeding pre-Covid-19 levels. Scans on LIVE were 61.38% higher for the five months to end May 2021.

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The Lightstone Star Reacher F&I Awards is a first-of-its-kind incentive programme. Register by today, 30 June to stand a chance to win prizes up to the value of R30 000.

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The Auto Industry is competitive and operates in a tough environment.  It takes a certain kind of grit and know-how to make it in this game. Lightstone Auto has responded to this need by launching Lightstone Auto Connect.

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POPIA is going to impact the way the automotive industry does business in many ways. Follow our POPIA series here.

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