June 2021

Dear Dealer Partner

The deadline for all businesses to be POPIA compliant is 1 July 2021. We have established that Lightstone Auto, in terms of the Act, is an Operator* for and on behalf of its clients – Dealerships, Banks, Insurers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Motor Body Repairers (MBRs). We are, however, starting a process of contracting with partners where we believe we can operate as a Responsible Party*.

Be assured, that as we ready ourselves for POPIA implementation, as your auto data and solutions partner enabling your business success and simplifying complexity remains our priority.

We will continue to deliver the world-class services you know and have come to expect from Lightstone – including delivering insight about your customer base, providing sales opportunities to you by analysing and profiling historic transactions and identifying transactions where there is positive equity, securely storing all transactional documentation, securely storing and utilising VIN level data and conducting customer satisfaction research.

In compliance with POPIA, we will continue to ensure that we never compromise your dealership’s data, nor will we share it with any third parties without your consent.

Furthermore, to comply with POPIA our data partner company, Sawubona, a consumer data insights company that forms part of the HL Halls & Sons Holding Group, of which Lightstone is also a part of, will be assisting Lightstone with customer analysis and obtaining customer consent. If at any point you wish to, you can opt out of these services.


*Operator: The Operator is contracted to do something on behalf of a Responsible Party, the Operator will only be allowed to execute on the terms of that arrangement and will not be bound to some of the other conditions of POPIA, which apply to the Responsible Party.

*Responsible Party: The Responsible Party is the party that processes the Personal Information. The Responsible Party determines the purpose for which the Personal Information is needed and whether to outsource a part of or all of the processing of the personal information to a third party, who is referred to as an Operator. This role involves a lot of responsibility around the collection, use and care of that data.

Visit our POPIA information page for more information about the Responsible Party and Operator.

If you have any questions, please email popi@lightstone.co.za.

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